Tour Championship Recap

As you step through the security gates you immediately know you have arrived somewhere special. Snapchat-31981098 A hallway leading patrons from the east Atlanta streets to the hallowed grounds of East Lake immerse you in the aura of Bobby Jones and set the tone for what is to come.

I bowed once, took a knee and kissed the ground in front of Bobby’s picture. Ok. Maybe not, but the King of The Amateurs was honored throughout the venue. Myself and our honorary Bobby’s Babe grabbed a quick snap before heading onto the course.

Once we got in we made a beeline for the driving range, but merely calling it a driving range is a slap in the face to East Lake. I apologize, but I don’t believe I have the vocabulary to properly describe how extraordinarily unique and just plain freaking awesome it was. Obviously, I also don’t have the proper camera to adequately show off the range, but it was worth a shot. IMG_20170924_170222481_HDR

Following the range we bounced around from number 1 to number 4 and finally settled down between number four and five to watch a few groups roll through. Cantalay, Hadwin, a grouchy Dufner, a wayward Leishman, Sergio, Koooocchhhh and then a stampede of patrons following Spieth and D.J..

We are in prime position, somewhere around 290 yards from the tee. Looking back up to the tee box we see Spieth step up, take a few practice swings, and then boom. The ball is lost in the early afternoon sky, but the frantic PGA Volunteer waving the large white paddle towards us was not missed by anyone. Have you ever seen a grown man assume the fetal position while standing? I hadn’t in all my 28 years until that moment. It’s fairly amusing.

Luckily, no one was killed by Spieth’s wayward shot and we all had the opportunity to snap a few pics and videos of one of golf’s brightest stars.

Spieth #5

From there we moseyed around the course, grabbed a beer, burger and then made our way over to #10 fairway to watch the final groups roll through. Justin Thomas flew one directly over our heads and once again we were able to get up close and personal with one of golf’s greatest young guns. The soon to be FedEx Cup champion was able to save par from nearly 30 yards right of the fairway.


East Lake Golf Club is by far and away the nicest golf facility I’ve ever had the pleasure of walking around. Oh what I would do to be able to play a round of golf there. Eat refried beans off a Taco Bell bathroom floor for a round of golf at East Lake….yes. Eat a handful of “homemade cheese” found in the milk jug that’s been sitting in the fridge a month too long…yes.

I think you get the picture.

Back to the golf.

Well the X-Man, Xander Schauffle, was able to hold on down the stretch to win Calamity Jane and Justin Thomas did what he needed to do to win the Fed-Ex Cup.

Bobby’s Boys gives the visit to East Lake a 10/10. Nice work PGA! We will be back.


Hit ’em straight!







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