PXG Sues Taylormade

Welp, that’s big news.

So long story short, Taylormade created the P790 iron. This set of irons has a cavity injected with “Speedfoam”. Sounds pretty freakin awesome to me. Not so much to Bob Parsons.

PXG 0311
Taylormade P-790

Parsons and his team designed the PXG 0311 series and they are straight sexy. The problem (for Taylormade) lies within the cavity of the PXG 0311’s cavity. It seems PXG beat Taylormade to the gnarly metal fluids being injected into the cavity of a golf club game. The PXG 0311’s are filled with a Thermoplastic Elastomer. Try to say that three times real quick.

PXG’s Thermoplastic Elastomer


Guess we will just have to wait and see what the courts think.

I’m currently playing Titelist AP2’s and have not had the opportunity to test out the Taylormade P790’s or the PXG’s. If you have played either leave us a comment on how they feel and your thoughts on PXG taking Taylormade to court.

Until then,

Hit ’em straight!

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