Golf Ball Review: OnCore Elixir

Huge thank you to the guys and gals at OnCore for shipping us Elixir and Avant golf balls to test out. We were not disappointed.

If you are like us, you may have never played OnCore golf balls before. We were pleasantly surprised with the overall performance of the OnCore Elixir.

Off the driver, this ball was hot. So hot to be exact, that elite Long Driver Ryan Steenberg is now an OnCore team member.

In an article published by Forbes earlier this year OnCore co-founder, Bret Blakely said, “The velocity is so high that we got a warning letter from the USGA saying you guys are on the edge of this thing being illegal. It’s a ball that’s turned into everything we’ve been looking for. This year has turned out to be the year everything is coming together.”

While many golf balls are hot, not many are able to pair distance with control and spin around the greens.

The OnCore double urethane cover provides the bite you would expect from a premium grade golf ball. After playing a few rounds with the OnCore Elixir, I would compare the short game spin to a Titelist ProV1x.

Durability was exceptional. I was able to play one full round at Oak Mountain GC and finished 14 holes at Fox Creek GC with one ball before I drove it onto Windy Hill Road. FOREEEE! I wish I could blame that arrant shot the golf ball, but that would be a lie!

Cost – $40/Dozen…But, OnCore offers an innovative loyalty program to lower the cost. You can receive points by liking/sharing on Facebook, following OnCore on Twitter, and even receive 50 points just for signing up. Basically, after signing up and sharing on social media, you can get a dozen for $30.

That’s quality at an extremely competitive price.

If you play the OnCore Elixir you will not be disappointed. But, if you are, OnCore offers a money back guarantee. These guys believe in their product and after playing it, I know you will too.




“The ELIXR is our most advanced ball to date. We built a ball for golfers who are ready to take their game to the next level. We combined a polybutadiene rubber core, metal-infused ionomer mantle and cast urethane cover to create one of the most exceptional tour balls on the market. Our trifecta of advanced materials provide extraordinary distance, spin, control and feel off the face of the club.

  • 85 compression rating
  • Soft feel around the green
  • Perimeter weighting increases accuracy and control
  • Composite core provides maximum velocity and distance
  • Double Cast Urethane cover
  • Conforms to USGA & RA rules of golf”


Hit ’em straight!




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