Free Golf Handicapping

This past weekend I was invited to play at Saugahatchee Country Club in Auburn, AL. Huge thank you to Lane for inviting me out to play, and John for sharing some helpful course secrets.

While we were rolling some putts on the practice green I was asked, “Hey, what’s your handicap?”

“Hmmm. I’m not sure. Eight to ten, maybe?” Don’t be that guy. Don’t be me. Know your handicap.

After finishing up I went home and got to work on finding a free golf handicapping website, and bingo. Golf Digest provides a free handicapping page. It’s simple, free and extremely user friendly.

Knowing your handicap is the best way to track your progress, compete with golfers of all levels and something to brag about when you drop it a few points.

While this is not an official handicap approved by the USGA, it is most likely sufficient for most local tourneys and friendly games with your Boys.

Hit ’em straight!



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