Mammaw Killed Applebee’s

Earlier this week Business Insider released an article detailing the decline of certain businesses and industries because of the lack of support from Millennials.

Fair warning. By definition, I am a millennial, forged in ’89. But, in most senses, I don’t consider myself a typical millennial. My political views lean right, I went to a southern SEC college and I don’t wear hipster threads.

But articles like this one are getting old.

  1. Applebee’s – When is the last time my parents or grandparents went to ‘The Neighborhood Grill’? Probably after my Little League state tournament back in 2001.  I think it’s time for Business Insiders to write an article on Mammaw and Pop killing Applebees? Nice work Mammaw, you killed Applebees.
  2. Beer – You’re really trying to sell me that millennials are to blame for a decline in beer sales? Have you not seen the explosion in breweries nationwide?  If anything, millennials are paying more for beer than our parents ever did. Hell, my father drank Natty Light and The Beast until he was in his mid 40’s. (Don’t ask why. The man has unique tastes I guess.)
  3. Designer Handbags – Maybe us guys are finally wising up and not dropping $300 on a 4×4 piece of leather that can hold our ladies credit card and I.D.

And the big one…Golf.

Justin Thomas – Millennial
Jordan Spieth – Millennial
Jason Day – Millennial
Hideki Matsuyama – Millennial
Brooks Koepka – Millennial
Dustin Johnson – Millennial
Rory McIlroy – Millennial
Rickie Fowler – Millennial

So without millennials, where would the PGA Tour be?

Do I hope the game of golf grows? Yes. Do I think it’s dying because of millennials? No chance.

It’s hard for me to agree with this article in nearly any way. I think our girl Kate was looking for an article that could ruffle some feathers.

One Point for Kate.


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