Maple Ridge Golf Course

This past weekend I made the short drive down to Columbus, Ga to Maple Ridge Golf Course. Maple Ridge is an great track co-designed by 1987 Master’s Champion, Larry Mize.

It wasn’t the first time I had played the Ridge, but it was definitely in the best shape I’ve ever seen the course. Greens were hard and fast, the fairways were pristine and the rough was brutal.

Holes to Attack


#1 Par 4 – 355 Yards

Tee it up and aim 10 yards left of 150 yd marker. The fairway slopes hard downhill towards the green and drives of 280+ will leave you with less than 50 yards to the pin. The green is protected by a bunker short right.


#10 Par 5 – 500 Yards

Tee it high and let it fly. With a fairway that slopes from right to left and down hill towards the green a nice draw will leave you with a reachable second shot. If you’ve gotta miss with your second shot, miss right. The large hill to the right can serve as a backboard.

Maple Ridge 10


Risk Reward


#7 Par 5 – 555 Yards

Risk/reward play is over the bunkers. Drives over the bunker will leave you with 210-230 yards out for your second shot. Because of this, the reward is not always worth the risk.

Safe play is to the right of the bunkers, but this will not allow for an opportunity to reach in two.



Bogey Land


#9 Par 3 – 165 Yards

Safe play here is to aim center right and hit it with confidence. But the uncertainty in club selection due to elevation change and the water hazard front and left will leave you searching for your confidence.

This picture doesn’t do it justice. My battery was running low so I pulled this from I know poor excuse. mr9

#13 Par 3 – 130 Yards

She’s beautiful, but she will kick your ass.

Pick your number and add 5 yards. Short is dead(obviously) and the green slopes back to the water. This green is huge and there are two levels. One in the back and one in the front.


Good luck!

One thought

  1. Love the write up! I would definitely say maple is the best public course in the bicity area. Very well priced. It is also the most challenging in my book. This is coming from a 20-25 handy. Can’t wait to see more course reviews!

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