Most Honest Man In Golf

Christopher Crawford. The most honest man in golf.

Crawford, playing in this week’s U.S. Amateur found himself in an unusual situation. Lacking his regular looper due to illness, Crawford was forced to pick a local caddie to carry his sticks. In most circumstances this could be a plus. Having a local guy with course knowledge may even help gain a stroke or two.

But, unfortunately, Crawford has the worst luck when it comes to caddies.(Crawford’s caddie broke his ankle during the 2016 U.S.Open) After posting a solid round of 73 in day one, our boy Crawford was on the brink of making a push to reach the round of 64 when he hears his local caddie mention ‘slope’.


Rule 14-3 – “multiple uses of a distance-measuring device with the slope feature activated by his caddie.” Basically, if your rangefinder has the slope function activated during a competitive round you will be penalized 2 strokes for the first infraction. The next time you are taken to golf purgatory. (Disqualified)

Well I’m calling bulls&*t on this rule.

Your telling me I can use a device to lock in my distance to the exact foot, but your not going to let me use the device that tells me I’m standing on a hill. If you are going to have one, you might as well have the other.

Bobby’s Boy of the Month

Crawford turned himself in and took the punishment like a man. Hell, he took the punishment better than a man.

“I didn’t gain an advantage but I know the rules,” Crawford said. “Bobby Jones said you might as well congratulate a man for not robbing a bank in that situation. I knew what the rule was and I didn’t have a choice. I know nobody else would have known. But I knew. I knew what the rules was. It’s just the way it is.”

Good on ya, Christopher. You’re a better man than 98.7% of the sandbagging, foot wedgers reading this.




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