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Want to hit it further?

Hell yeah ya do.

What is lag and why do you need it?

Lag: to fall behind in movement, progress, or development; not keep pace with another or others.

Think of it this way. At the start of the down swing our hands will outrun the head of the club, leaving it behind. This will cause the angle between your arms and the shaft of the club to shrink.

For current and former baseball players, think of hitting an inside fastball. You lead with the butt of the bat, keeping your hands “inside” the ball. That creates lag.

This lag then allows your arms wrist and hands to work as a lever to increase the speed of your club dramatically.

We could write a book on the biomechanics behind the golf swing, or we could show you a few videos. After much deliberation we chose video.

Check out this video of Josh Donaldson creating major lag which is turned into tremendous power.


Absolutely gorgeous.

That is what we are trying to accomplish with our golf swing, just on a more vertical plane.


  • Tie a smedium sized towel to your seven iron. Take twenty five practice swings a day when you aren’t able to go to the course. This added weight will create the feeling of lag.
  • Grab your sand wedge. Begin your takeaway until your left arm is parallel to the ground. Remove your right hand. Now take 25 practice swings with just your left hand from this position. Focus on not releasing the club until after contact. Exaggerate this feeling of not releasing until after contact.
  • Another key to creating lag is a proper grip. If you are squeezing the club too tightly then your muscles will not be in a lax state. Try focusing on a lighter grip. Loose and flexible forearms are key.

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