Pure it

Iron Improvement

What brings you back to the course after a round where no putts drop and you’ve spent more time calling a search party for your wayward ball than time in the fairway. For me, it’s the feel of stinging a 5 iron down the fairway and watching it land softly on the green. No doubt, one of the best feelings in the world.

Here are a few tips to produce that feeling more often.

Keep it simple

  • Alignment – Maintaining your alignment is critical, but luckily it’s the easiest part of the swing.
    golf sticks
    Photo via InTheHole.com

    Without proper alignment you don’t have a starting point. If you don’t have alignment sticks, no worries, grab any club from the bag and lay it on the ground directed at the your target. This is the direction we want our momentum to move, so having a visual aide is great to help practice.

  • Backswing – A poor takeaway sets you up for failure.
    • Trigger your takeaway with your chest.
    • Lead the first two feet of your takeaway with the heel of the club and not the toe.
    • Do not begin to “cock” your wrist until your left arm is near parallel to the ground.
    • When on the range pause one half second at the top of your swing. Exaggerate the break from takeaway to attack.
    • The majority of pressure should come from the pinky and ring finger of your left hand(for righties).
  • The Butt Leads – Where the butt of the club goes, the head will follow.


Takeaways Simplified

  • Slow controlled takeaway.
  • Stay in plane.
  • Lead with the heel.
  • Slight pause at top.


Check out this old video of Tiger talking about his swing. Pure Gold.




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