Tiger Tiger Woods Yo

He’s Baaaccckkkk!

Well, maybe not. But this pic posted by @TigerWoods proves he hasn’t been sitting around the house eating Little Caesar’s and pounding Bud Heavy’s. tiger

Now for the sad portion of today’s post. Kleenex optional.

Tiger’s last win was exactly 4 years ago today. Four years! That’s one thousand four hundred and sixty-one days ago. Doesn’t seem like its been that long does it?

Tiger won going away. Finishing fifteen shots under par. His closest competitor, Keegan Bradley, posted a respectable eight under.

Damn, Boys. Not gonna lie. Typing that up hurt a little.

We at Bobby’s Boys miss Tiger. Even more, we miss what he was able to do for the sport.

Tiger’s energy, passion and personality brought more people, money and excitement to golf than anyone in history. Hell, there was a freakin “Tiger Effect” and it was real.

We miss that and unfortunately no one has been able to fill the void. So we beg and plead the golf gods to shine on Tiger’s ailing back. Heal it and bring him back to us.


In the meantime enjoy this video of Tiger doing Tiger stuff.

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