Driving Range Etiquette

Pet Peeves. We all have’em. Some are minor and some should be punishable by death.

I’m fairly confident Moses had a typo when he was working on the Ten Commandments, because smacking should have made that list. And punctuality. Don’t even get me started. (You know who you are.)

Unfortunately, the driving range is no stranger to poor etiquette and just plain idiotic behavior.

Here are a few of the do’s and don’ts of the driving range:

  • DO

    • Find a space away from others. Don’t crowd other players.
    • Stretch before starting your practice session.
    • Swing your wedges first and work your way up.
    • Have an extra glove. Extend the life span of each glove. Especially if it is humid.


  • DON’T

    • Play music. Unless you are the only person on the range.
    • Be embarrassed if you shank one…or 15. It happens to everyone.
    • Walk out to pick up a ball in front of someone else hitting. That’s a good way to get dome rocked.
    • Remove every piece of sod from your hitting bay. Unless you want to receive nasty looks from the superintendent. Check out this picture from USGA.com.

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