Stay Loose

God Bless Miguel Angel Jimenez.

The man has a net worth of over $16,000,000, an accent that leaves me guessing and the flexibility of over cooked spaghetti.

Jimenez has had a successful, long career and he attributes a great deal of his longevity to his flexibility. We should take notes.

Let’s go over a few key stretches that you should be using daily to improve your game.  All stretches listed below should be held for 15 seconds two times.

  1. Quad Stretch – This stretch will loosen up the group of four muscles on the front of the leg. Use a wall or golf club to provide balance.     Druck

  2. Core Stretch – Rotation is key in your golf swing.  This stretch will work to loosen up the muscles that create rotation about the hip. Focus on keeping a straight back and your chest proud. Screen-Shot-2016-07-13-at-18.05.26

  3. Hamstring Stretch – This will help to loosen up your lower back, hamstrings and arse.Hamstring_Stretch_M_WorkoutLabs
  4. Parallel Shoulder Stretch – Bring your arm across your chest to stretch your upper arm and upper back. Shoulder_Stretch_M_WorkoutLabs.png


These stretches will have you more flexible in no time.

Rumor has it the chic below read this post before stretching this morning.

Probably fake news though.



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