Leggo My Ego

I’m Young Cody and I’m bringing the voice of the true beginner. Breaking 90 is my challenge and it has been accepted.

Like me, you were an above average athlete in high school and talked crap to the guys on the golf team for not playing a man’s sport. You went to college and if you didn’t make the varsity squad you were on the intramural fields kicking ass and taking names. On the weekends you could out drink the Boys and pull the baddest women.

You just read it on the internet so it’s gotta be true, right?

Now it’s 2017. You’re working full time and need some competition in your life. Church league softball just ain’t cutting it.  So you grab your clubs and hit the links with the Boys. You set your bets for the day. $1 Greenies, $5 Birdies and of course, $10 long drive on all par fives.

At the end of the round you pay out $7 dollars to the skinny guy with the smooth swing. You don’t show it, but deep down this irks you. Irks so hard.

How does a swing that looks so soft beat the guy who can muscle up and hit it 290 yards on the driving range?

Learn from me. Do as I say. Not as I do.

Young Cody’s Tip of The Week

Leave your ego in the parking lot.

We all know Chics dig the long ball, but no club can get us in more trouble quicker than the driver. Check out this video of Jason Dufner. His smooth shortened swing has won him a PGA Championship and over $23,000,000 in career earnings.


Not too shabby for a guy who doesn’t even take his driver back to parallel, huh.

So, to wrap this up, shorten that swing and don’t go all Maurice Allen on us setting yourself back three strokes off the tee.

Young Cody out!


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