Story Behind The Name


Bobby Jones. The greatest amateur to ever tee it up. Winning 13 majors and never cashing a check just seems crazy, but it’s who he was.

Bobby Jones was focused on education, family and his career. Just like many of us.

You grind through the work week to earn a paycheck. If you’re lucky, you may sneak away to the driving range or get a quick 9 in before your phone is ringing and someone is wondering where you are. Sound familiar?

Well that’s why we are here. We love golf and want to play better, but don’t have 50 hours a week to spend on the course like the pros. We are amateurs and will always be amateurs. Just like Bobby. And that is where this website got its name, Bobby’s Boys.

Arnie had an army. But Bobby’s got his Boys.

So we turn our focus to the amateurs who do it best. The guy who works the 8-5 during the week, then takes all your money shooting a 66 on the weekend. Screw that guy….But now lets learn from him!

In the future we will be showcasing select amateurs, helping you travel to see and play the best golf of your life, provide tips that can benefit every golfer and reviewing the best golf courses and gear possible.

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